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My pledge to Setiawangsa

I thank Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pakatan Harapan for nominating me to run in the Setiawangsa parliamentary seat again.

This is not only a validation of my service from 2018—2022 but also a reminder that there is much to be done to improve the lives of the voters there.

In humility and a desire to always be of service to the greater good—I pledge to give my all.

I am grateful for not only the support but also the feedback and criticism I have received from Setiawangsa’s voters and my party colleagues—it has all made me a better MP.

Setiawangsa is a special seat—in many ways a microcosm of Malaysia. Its people are hardworking, diverse and desire better lives for their families.

Like all Malaysians, they deserve an MP who is trustworthy, hardworking and accountable.

In 2018 I argued that PH needs to win seats like Setiawangsa in order to capture Putrajaya. I believe this is true in 2022 as well.

I look forward to a passionate but civil campaign with my opponents, based on a competition of who has the best ideas to move the constituency forward.

And I truly look forward to continuing my engagement with the voters of Setiawangsa, to listen to their needs as well as, together, finding ways to keep it and Kuala Lumpur a place we all can be proud of to call our home.

Kita Boleh!