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Rahman Dahlan’s admission raises more question

In a rather broad interview published in The Star yesterday, UMNO Minister Rahman Dahlan admitted that the purported draft charge sheet which was earlier circulated on the internet could be genuine and that the Prime Minister Najib Razak had to take action to normalise the situation.

This revelation by the Minister does not only prove that there is a certain credibility to the story – while it was earlier denied – but also shows a blatant abuse of power yet again by the Prime Minister in order to remain at the helm.

Rahman Dahlan’s point to justify such abuse of power as a necessary move in order to stop the PM from being criminalised wreaks of arrogance. Are we supposed to believe that the PM can do as he wishes, even though the action may well have come from the government’s own prosecuting arm?

Even if there is an attempt to criminalise the PM through justifiable means – the court system – why should we allow it to be halted just because the PM does not like it? If the Attorney General does not have enough evidence to prosecute, then prove it in court.

Najib’s actions to protect his own political well-being has indeed come with greater repercussions, as we are seeing a rapid demolition of our public institutions, from the AG, MACC, to BNM as well as the Police force, which have all been compromised for politics.

I should note here that to this end, there has yet to a single credible proof of the claims made by Rahman Dahlan and the BN government of tampered documents on 1MDB or that there is an actual attempt to topple the government. We must remember, any criminal expose on the PM should not be equated to an attack on the government or the country.

In fact, of all people the Prime Minister should have the highest regard for accountability and in this case we are seeing the exact opposite.

This recent revelation as well as the unanswered questions regarding the RM2.6 billion money transferred in the PM’s personal account has invited more and more controversy which has put Malaysia in bad light. We have seen how far they are willing to go to safeguard their interest, and sacrificing the country’s own well-being.

As such I call upon everyone to show your displeasure towards these abuses, and we must make sure the government knows that we expect nothing less than total accountability in all matters.

I would also like to appeal to all Malaysians, to show your support for Bersih 4.0 which is focused on strengthening the country’s democracy and its public institutions as well as to call for a vote of no-confidence against Najib Razak directly from the people.