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The government must reopen 1MDB investigation

Yesterday was a momentous day in the history of this country and the world, as the US Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against several individuals related to 1MDB in a Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, seeking the forfeiture and recovery of more than USD1 billion in assets – the largest single action ever taken by the US.

US government officials stated that 1MDB officials treated the state investment fund like a personal bank account and that the Malaysian people “has been defrauded on an enormous scale”.

What is extremely critical in this matter is the fact Najib’s own family member, Riza Aziz, as well as his close associate, Jho Low, has been implicated due to asset purchases in the US as well as the funding of the film Wolf Of Wallstreet which is a product of Riza’s production company, Red Granite.

This initiative taken by the US is damning towards the Najib Razak led Malaysian government that has continuously absolved 1MDB from any wrongdoings.

Even as other countries including Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the US have pursued the case of 1MDB on the basis of fraudulent activities, our government remains defiant and has yet to take a single serious action against any individuals äóî and has in fact closed the case with no further action.

This recent development has brought hope to this nation that has been robbed blind by the people entrusted to govern it. All the allegations which have been rubbished by the authorities have been somewhat vindicated with clear evidence through this action.

This matter is far from over, but it is plain obvious that the Malaysian authorities must re-open this case and act in a dignified manner to bring the people responsible for this huge scandal to justice.

Should the Department of Justice succeed in this claim, each and every member of this, and the previous government cabinet which has stood by 1MDB, are responsible for the biggest criminal transgression in Malaysian history. They are in the wrong if they continue to keep quiet on the matter, or if they vocally defended it.

Meanwhile the Malaysian people must demand justice, as we have not only lost billions of our money due to greedy individuals, but they have also burdened us, our children and many generations to come with excessive debts that are being paid through GST, our children’s education, healthcare, hike in toll and transport rates and even parking fees, among others.