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Najib and Shafee must explain RM9.5 million payment

The recent exposé by Sarawak Report on Najib Razak paying Anwar Ibrahim’s prosecutor, Shafee Abdullah, RM9.5 million in two payments with the most recent being two weeks prior to Anwar’s conviction has come as a shock to the country.

The money was transferred from Najib’s own personal AmBank account, the same account that has been funded by 1MDB’s subsidiary, SRC International, which also borrowed money from the civil service pension fund (KWAP).

Shafee is known to be extremely close to Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor, and his appointment as the legal prosecutor in the sodomy case against Anwar raised more than a few eyebrows, as the government had opted to appoint a defense lawyer as a special prosecutor when it is also well known that Shafee has in fact made disparaging remarks to condemn and slander Anwar on several occasions.

Not only that, it is also widely reported that Shafee Abdullah was at Najib’s residence when Saiful Bukhari met the Prime Minister to make an alleged “complaint” against Anwar.

Upon Anwar’s conviction, Shafee took matters a step a further by holding roadshows to explain the sodomy case and make new allegations against Anwar that were not even brought up in court. Such malicious attempt by the special prosecutor is not only in contempt of court, but clearly shows his intentions to bring down Anwar on behalf of Najib.

With this revelation by Sarawak Report, it is rather clear that there were indeed suspicious dealings between Najib and Shafee, and that his appointment as the special prosecutor is clearly politically-motivated.

Why else would you transfer to the lawyer’s account such vast amounts of money?

I urge Najib and Shafee to come out and explain the dealing. Attorney General Mohamed Apandi Ali must also reveal what action he will take.