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KEADILAN Youth welcomes #PecatIGP decision

I welcome the acquittal of two of KEADILAN Youth leaders, Chang Lih Kang (State Assemblyman for Teja / Secretary General for KEADILAN Youth) and Tan Kar Hing (State Assemblyman for Simpang Pulai / Vice Leader for KEADILAN Youth) as well as four others from the charge of obstructing a DBKL officer during the March 2015 #PecatIGP gathering.

The verdict in effect vindicates the fact that the demonstration was legal and should not have been incommoded by the authorities in the first place.

We hence see this as yet another victory for the freedom of assembly against efforts by certain quarters to limit it in our country.

I call upon the prosecution and the government to not appeal against their acquittal.

Rather, they should engage with civil society to reform the various laws and procedures to ensure the greater facilitation of the right to peaceful assembly.