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Government must openly deny DOJ allegations

In light of recent defensive remarks made regarding the US Department of Justice’s civil suit to seize assets linked to 1MDB, KEADILAN Youth call on the government to come out and prove that the allegations are false.

DOJ has handled this case in due process of the law and has consistently done so against 1MDB and the accused, even though there has been a change of administration in terms of having a new President at the highest office from Obama to Trump, a new party in control and a new Attorney General.

They have done so, according to the statement released, in order to “protect the security, safety, and integrity of the American financial system from all manner of abuse, including by kleptocrats seeking to hide their ill-gotten or stolen wealth”.

From this statement it would seem that DOJ is doing it to protect American interest and not to meddle in our affairs, therefore it is up to the government to prove otherwise.

In any case, should anyone feel that their name has been wrongly accused in the DoJ document, they can freely intervene in the court process to have their name expunged from the court’s documents.

We have seen several big name international celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Miranda Kerr returning “gifts” given to them by the infamous Jho Low who is also named in the suit together with the Prime Minister’s stepson, Riza Aziz.

These celebrities have done their part to clean their name from the corrupted mess created by 1MDB, perhaps our authorities should do the same and cooperate unconditionally.

But the Malaysian authorities should also remember that this is not just a case being investigated and acted upon in the US. We have seen other countries like Singapore, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Australia taking stern action as well.

Why has the Prime Minister still not sued the Wall Street Journal on the 1MDB issue until today?

People want answers and people want the truth, right now we are not getting any of it from our own authorities.