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Australian banker disclosure embarasses MARA

I am deeply disturbed by the news printed in the Sydney Morning Herald on 15 August 2015.

The report alleges that an Australian banker had been apparently threatened by “…a man of Asian appearance” in relation to an AUD22.5 million loan application by MARA linked to its controversial property deals in Melbourne.

MARA, its Chairman Annuar Musa and Prime Minister Najib Razak must immediately clarify whether or not there is any truth in these allegations.

Indeed, MARA’s answers regarding the entire Melbourne affair have been far from satisfactory, especially over allegations that AUD4.5 million from the property deal had been skimmed by Malaysian officials.

The Malaysian people, especially the Bumiputera community, have a right to know what is going on in the agency.

If the allegations are true, such behaviour cannot be in any way condoned and immediate action must be taken against the parties involved. At the same time, students receiving MARA loans and sponsorships face various challenges and unfair changes in terms and

Malaysia simply cannot afford to have its name dragged through the mud yet again by yet another international scandal.

During my recent visit to Melbourne with Akmal Nasir (National Oversight and Whistleblowers Center / NOW) a month ago, this issue was the hottest issue not only in the city but throughout Australia.