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Mahdzir Is Wrong, Teachers Are Free To Choose In Elections

I refer to the recent statement made by Education Minister, Mahdzir Khalid, threatening teachers and officers who are supportive of the opposition that they will be fired from their job.

Following the strong public backlash, the Education Ministry’s communications team then sought to spin the statement to say that the Minister was only giving ‘fatherly’ advice.

First of all, it was unbecoming of the Minister to influence public servants, especially teachers, and put fear on them so as not to support the opposition.

As Education Minister he should be educated enough to understand that we are a democratic nation and every citizen has the right to support, and express support for any party that they want to.

The Minister’s response following the public backlash in an effort to hide behind this ‘fatherly’ persona undermines the intelligence of the public who have heard such threats time and time again – especially with the election looming.

Teachers are the backbone of society, and they are not only role models but also have a role to shape future generations, and therefore it is wrong to treat them as political tools. They should be able to think and act for themselves.

My message to the teachers, officers and public servants is this; you have the right to vote whichever party you think will best lead the nation, and your vote is your voice.

Pakatan Harapan will do our best to ensure that your job and livelihood is well taken care of, regardless of your political beliefs.

Let us teach those who dare to intimidate and undermine us a lesson, that it is they who should not hold any position due to their recalcitrant attitude.