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Malaysia Day message

KEADILAN Youth would like to wish all Malaysians a happy and blessed Malaysia Day, especially the youth. I hope that all Malaysians everywhere, in the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak, as well as our great diaspora abroad, will be able to celebrate the anniversary of our union in peace and togetherness. Malaysia Day is an important occasion because it highlights both our diversity and unity. The one could not exist without the other. Both remain a source of our strength and resilience.

It is true that Malaysia today is facing many problems. An economic downturn, protracted political uncertainty exacerbated by unchecked abuse of power and mismanagement as well as repeated attempts at sectarian provocation – including on this important day for our Federation – are just the most prominent of our worries. Many young Malaysians may be forgiven for greeting Malaysia Day this year with foreboding and even cynicism. However, we would be untrue to ourselves and our heritage of beating the odds if we were to let this day pass by losing hope.

Malaysia is not beyond saving. Our best days are yet ahead of us, if we have the courage and wisdom to make it so. But first, we must understand is that reform must take place on all fronts, including political, economic and social. We must be willing to change, both ourselves and our country. Only a conscious and engaged citizenry, of all ethnic groups and willing to hold those in power accountable can bring this about. It will be a mighty, difficult task. There will be many setbacks along the way. Know however, that all generations are called to greatness. This is the challenge of ours: to unite our people and move Malaysia forward. Today, of all days, let us commit ourselves to this great work. We again wish all Malaysians a very Happy Malaysia Day.