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Education is biggest victim of Najib’s cabinet reshuffle

The recent cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Najib Razak has attracted widespread criticism.

More so because of the reasoning behind the reshuffling, which was purely political and not with the best interest of the people at heart.

One of the sectors that would be most affected by the recent change is education.

The recent reshuffle has seen the government revert back to the previous system of having two different Ministers for Education and Higher Education. The appointment of Mahadzir Khalid as the Education Minister in place of the ousted Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin sends the wrong signal to the public who are desperate to see real reform in the education sector.

Now it would seem that the BN government is unsure of the direction that they would like to take.

It is well known that every Minister that helms the education portfolio would want to set their own agenda as such inconsistency has always been the problem for our education development. Therefore all
efforts done in the very recent history with the view of “reforming” the education sector might be to no avail.

The restructuring of the Education ministry would also cause confusion, and scupper any developments done, as the previous system was only set in place during the last cabinet appointment in 2013.

It is widely known now that our education sector is on a decline and the recent developments does nothing to help its cause.

It is sad that the internal politics of UMNO has caused such inconsistency, sacrificing the greater good of the whole nation.

Najib Razak and the BN government should realise that their failure to live up to their role as an administration is damaging the system, and this will ultimately affect the future generation of this country.