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The decision to suspend The Edge and The Edge Financial Daily is a breach of Press Freedom

The decision by the Home Ministry to suspend The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily for three months from 27 July 2015 is highly disturbing and a grave breach of the freedom of the press.

The Government owes Malaysians an explanation just why exactly the Edge’s reporting on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) issue is “…prejudicial or likely to be prejudicial to public order, security or likely to alarm public opinion or is likely to be prejudicial to public and national interest.”

Rather than resort to such draconian methods, the Government ought to have fully and comprehensively answered the allegations made.

As has been stated repeatedly, its inability to do so, rather than media reporting, is what has caused uncertainty and unhappiness on the part of the public.

The Government should immediately reverse the suspension and give the people the answers they deserve regarding the various issues that have dominated headlines as of late.