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Lessons From The Cameron Highlands By-Election

The Cameron Highlands by-election has come to an end. The results were not what Pakatan Harapan and our supporters wanted. However, the people have spoken and we must respect their choice.

I thank our candidate and the team in Cameron Highlands. I hope that they, as well as the rest of Pakatan harapan, remain unbowed and that they gain second wind.

The alleged use of racial rhetoric by certain quarters during the campaign is highly disturbing. The relevant authorities should investigate and take stern action if the claims are proven to be true. Moreover, Malaysian voters must ask themselves whether the country or any community is truly well-served by such ugly, unscrupulous acts.

Nevertheless, when all is said and done, the ultimate responsibility for the defeat rests with Pakatan Harapan.
The biggest shortcoming was our inability to articulate a vision for a better future for the Malaysians of Cameron Highlands and the rest of the country.

We have yet to show Malaysians why voting for us will lead to a more equitable and inclusive economy for everyone.

Malaysia’s B40s and M40s cannot live on rhetoric and gestures alone—they need tangible benefits.

We have to measure ourselves against the Buku Harapan. Even when we cannot fully implement the policies in the manifesto, it should reflect the philosophy of delivering for the many and not the few.

In the days, weeks, months and years ahead—Pakatan Harapan will need a strong and clear narrative to persuade Malaysians that we deserve to continue in office.

It is a message that we must all support. Pakatan Harapan will fail if we do not speak with one voice.

And we need to start delivering to the people, especially in terms of the economy.

This is all the more crucial as it is clear that UMNO and PAS have now come together. Their “flirtation” has now metastasized into full-blown collusion. They are now basically one and the same.

The Cameron Highlands result should spur Pakatan Harapan to work even harder, especially with the Semenyih by-election on the horizon.