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Maria Chin’s detention is a misuse of SOSMA

It has been two days since the Malaysian people from various background congregated peacefully in Kuala Lumpur in support of Bersih and its demands for clean and fair election, and government.

Rakyat has again shown that we are matured enough to uphold some of the most important principles of democracy — the right to assembly and free speech.

However this has been marred by the capture of several individuals, in particular Maria Chin who has been held mischievously under SOSMA.

In this regard I would like to take Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to task because he had boldly said in Parliament during the debate on SOSMA, to the effect the Act will not be used on peaceful assemblies, namely Bersih, as it is not detrimental to Parliamentary Democracy.

Khairy, why suddenly so silent on Maria’s arrest? Wouldn’t you agree that her arrest is an abuse of SOSMA?

Bersih has time and again proven itself to be upstanding and principled, therefore Maria’s arrest is not only unethical, it is also a clear abuse of law.

The Minister’s deafening silence is expected of a man who has been found wanting on so many matters of principle, as long as his political survival is secured.

Of course Khairy can still make good of his words and call for the release of Maria. Failure to do so again shows that his front as a ‘progressive’ is a mere act.