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Disappointing stand by young UMNO leaders regarding Wall Street Journal’s allegations

KEADILAN Youth is disappointed and disgusted by the insistence of some young UMNO leaders, particularly Khairy Jamaluddin and Abdul Rahman Dahlan, for their stubborn defence of Prime Minister Najib Razak in the matter of the Wall Street Journal’s allegations that RM2.67 bilion had been channelled into the Prime Minister’s bank accounts.

Their hostile reaction to the disclosures seems all the more strange when other, more senior UMNO leaders like Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin very calmly and sensibly called for the matter to be investigated seriously.

Khairy and Rahman Dahlan’s behaviour suggest that they are more concerned about political expediency than the good of the nation.

Their supposed reputation of being “liberal” notwithstanding, they are clearly not the kind of leaders that young Malaysians who want change should put their hopes in.

The pattern of malfeasance and the abuse of public trust that has marked the UMNO-BN administration must stop once and for all.

Anything short of this will simply not do.

KEADILAN Youth calls for the issue of the Prime Minister’s accounts to be thoroughly investigated. Any and all wrongdoings must be punished.

But Malaysians not only need a new government via the ballot boxes, but also institutional reform.

The public trust and exchequer cannot be abused the way it has been thus far any long.

KEADILAN Youth is willing to work with all progressive youths towards that cause.