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Najib must immediately take a leave of absence

The Wall Street Journal has just published a series of documents which purportedly show the inflow of billions of ringgit into accounts linked to Prime Minister Najib Razak as alleged recently.

These documents, if true, are extremely disturbing and cast a dark shadow on Najib’s integrity as well as that of our country’s governance and banking system. Added to this is the statement by the AG’s Chambers, MACC, Police and Bank Negara panel of investigators that six accounts have been frozen after the WSJ report.

Worse still, four months after the first transactions to Najib’s accounts allegedly started, Ambank founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi was murdered.

I repeat the call that has already been made to the Prime Minister and his defenders to clarify the issues that have been raised as well as to clear his name.

At the same time, the authorities must also conduct an independent and thorough the formation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into this matter.

Justice must be done and seen to be done if the rule of law means anything in Malaysia.

Najib must immediately take a leave of absence in order for a thorough, transparent and credible investigation to be carried.