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Solidarity with UM8

A group of students from University Malaya, led by Fahmi Zainol, the President of Universiti Malaya Student Council (PMUM) will face a disciplinary hearing merely for organising a talk for Anwar Ibrahim, an alumnus of UM in campus.

The University and University College Act 1971 (UCCA) is used as a tool to restrain young minds from discussing and expressing their opinions regarding the current political situation of the country. As an educational institution, it should allow students to have the freedom to analyse and criticise the administration of their own country. This is one of the reasons KEADILAN Youth is fighting for the abolition of the UCCA and stop the government of the day from controlling the liberties and independence of students. KEADILAN Youth will stand by university students in this time of crisis.

UM, as one of Malaysian’s most highly respected institution of higher learning should take a step back and analyse the implications if they decide to suspend or expel these students. Not only will it reflect poorly on the administration of the university but also puts the university in bad light for enforcing such rigid rules hindering students from developing their thoughts instead of encouraging them to act and think critically.

If UM decides to punish them harshly by suspending or expelling these students, I will do my best, as an EXCO of Selangor State Government to ensure that they are given the opportunity to continue their studies in other universities such as University Selangor (UNISEL) or Kolej University Islam Selangor (KUIS).