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KEADILAN Condemns Egyptian Massacre, Urges Malaysia to Severe Diplomatic Ties with Military Regime

KEADILAN strongly condemns the latest bloody massacre of hundreds of supporters of the country’s legitimate President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian military.

The use of force can never be justified in resolving political disputes and the actions of the military regime are a severe blow to efforts to resolve the impasse in Egypt.

The muted response of most of the Western governments, particularly the United States that continues to recognise the illegitimate regime and provide billions of dollars of military aid has allowed this unfortunate tragedy to take place.

This will only strengthen the view that the West’s rhetoric on democracy will always exclude legitimate Islamic political movements. The end result will unfortunately be further radicalisation and polarization between the world’s faiths.

The global community should follow the example of the Turkish and Tunisian governments in their strong condemnation of the military coup in Egypt and the subsequent violence.

KEADILAN demands that the Malaysian Government immediately severe diplomatic relations with the military regime in Egyptian as a sign of protest against this gross violation of human rights, freedom and dignity.

KEADILAN furthermore calls on the Egyptian military to immediately refrain from using violent means to suppress political dissent and restore the legitimate Morsi administration in the country.