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Khairy, the buck stops with Najib

Khairy Jamaluddin’s answers defending Najib Razak’s inaction on Utusan Malaysia does not make any sense whatsoever.

Utusan is owned by UMNO and clearly plays the role as a propaganda machine for the ruling regime. In many instances involving Pakatan Rakyat, Utusan has consistently been found to be malicious slanderous by the courts. That is why it has lost its credibility with the Malaysian public and suffers from a deteriorating circulation in recent years yet the editors continue the same old racist and malevolent strategy, as that is in line with UMNO’s political agenda.

If the Najib is serious about selling his so-called 1Malaysia agenda to the Malaysian, particularly Malay crowd as argued by Khairy, he must play a role as the President of UMNO to direct Utusan to sell that message. This is not an issue of press freedom as Utusan is not a normal private newspaper but is owned by UMNO. The buck stops with Najib.

But as Najib has continuously proven since assuming the Premiership, he is not capable of leading, let alone being a statesman. Perhaps it might be difficult for Khairy to take a different opinion due to his role as a member of the cabinet now, but the answer is obvious to the world. If this is the best kind of ‘moderate leadership’ UMNO can come up with, Malaysians should be very worried indeed.