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Termination of Operations of World Hijab Day Singapore

It is with great sadness that World Hijab Day in Singapore was forced to cease operations after the committee was faced with intense scrutiny and threats by the Singapore government. However, their cause was solely to spread religious understanding and greater awareness towards a peaceful world on the 1st of February 2014. The committee has been disbanded ever since.

World Hijab Day (WHD) is an international peaceful awareness campaign which took place all over the world and is endorsed by various countries including United States, Canada, Belgium, Holland, France and Australia. This campaign which has ambassadors in over 100 countries reflects the overwhelming support of both Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide in improving religious understanding and elimination of discrimination against women in hijab.

Malaysia was particularly active in this event as there were Muslim and non-Muslim participants gathered in shopping malls wearing hijab. Being a multiracial country, Malaysia also has non-Muslims as ambassadors namely Mrs. Universe 2013, Carol Lee and Felixia Yeap endorsing this cause.

Hence, the Singapore governmentäó»s actions in threatening and scrutinising the committee of WHD Singapore is disheartening as it is clear discrimination against Muslims in hijab and the efforts for mutual religious understanding even though we are living in diverse communities.