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Bukit Dinding: Protecting The Interests Of The Community

The residents of Setiawangsa have been alerted to a proposed development in the vicinity of Bukit Dinding.

The developer for this plot of land is Nova Pesona Sdn Bhd, which was formed in 2003 between Tan & Tan Developments Bhd and the owners of Ladang Hawthornden, Landmarks Land & Properties Sdn Bhd.

The Planning Approval for the Masterplan Layout was issued by DBKL in 2004. The amended Masterplan Layout was approved, also by the DBKL, in July 2015.

I have, through my public statements, speeches in Parliament as well as engagement with the authorities, repeatedly sought to ensure that the interests of the community in Bukit Dinding are protected in light of the proposed development.

While a variety of matters, including the pressure on local infrastructure, density of development as well preserving recreational spaces, have been raised by the community, the biggest concern is centred on the issue of Bukit Dinding’s slope stability.

The first parcel proposed for development lies in the vicinity of Puncak Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju, areas that have experienced repeated landslides through the years.

My office initiated a discussion with community representatives regarding the matter on 16 February 2022. This was followed with a briefing involving DBKL, PTG and the developer on 23 August 2022.

We are following up with another discussion with community representatives next week, before the session the developer is having with stakeholders on 15 September 2022.

We urge the authorities and developer to share the technical reports with the residents and other stakeholders. This will provide information on the environmental, slope stability and traffic impact as well as other details of the project in order that the community is kept informed about all aspects on how it will impact on their lives.