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The First Anniversary Of The GE14 Victory

Today, we celebrate the first anniversary of the historic 9 May 2018 General Elections.

Many Malaysians will of course be reminiscing about that day.

Many more will also be taking stock of how the Pakatan Harapan federal government has performed and what it needs to do in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

We won the 14th General Elections because we were united and had the better platform—one that truly gave all Malaysians hope.

Our alliance’s work to reform and save Malaysia has just started.

As recent events highlight, the expectations of Malaysians are high and that they will not hesitate to punish Pakatan Harapan if it lets them down.

Indeed, the greatest “gift” of 9 May was that it showed Malaysians that they can always vote their governments out.

It showed everyone that nobody has a right to be in power indefinitely; that leaders who breach the trust of voters and abuse their privileges will be removed sooner or later.

Moreover, Malaysians showed on 9 May that they expect the highest standards from their elected representatives.

It is not enough for us to just be clean, diligent and personable: we must also lift the dignity of the people.

Still, the only thing our government should have to worry about—and the only thing is needs to be unapologetic about—is to fulfil the promises of Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto.

The promises we made can, should and must be met—with hard work and perseverance.

Saying that they cannot be accomplished will make Malaysians think that we sought power for its own sake.

It will signal to voters that we are no better than the previous regime.

Therefore, on this first anniversary of 9 May, I call on all Pakatan Harapan leaders and component party members to recommit themselves to achieving our manifesto in full.

It will of course not happen overnight—but everything we do and say must be towards achieving the goals set out there.

Fulfilling the manifesto will boost our economy, reduce inequality and accelerate nation-building.

In short, it will move the nation forward and guarantee greater economic justice for all Malaysians.

We must not only it make it easier for our people to do business—whether small or big—but also create jobs with liveable wages for all Malaysians willing to work.

So even as we work to realise our manifesto, the minds of Pakatan Harapan leaders should also be on this: jobs, jobs, jobs.

Though we can and should celebrate the memories of 9 May 2018, our hearts, minds and eyes should be on the future.

Let us never be satisfied with what we have and what we have accomplished. We must move Malaysia forward.

The spirit of 9 May 2018 must live on. We must never let the flame of hope that was ignited that day die out.