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Responding To The Announcement Of The New KEADILAN MPP Lineup

Upon the announcement of the new KEADILAN Central Leadership Council (MPP) line-up, Deputy President Azmin Ali has voiced out that the appointments were not made in the party’s best interests as it would hinder KEADILAN from moving forward.

Earlier in November, during the party’s National Congress, KEADILAN President Anwar Ibrahim had stated that he would incorporate the best talents from across the spectrum of the party including Rafizi Ramli who lost narrowly to Azmin in the race for the Deputy Presidency.

At that time, Azmin affirmed that he was willing to give his full support to Anwar as well as Rafizi to strengthen the party. Azmin further added that he believed that Rafizi had a substantial role to play in order to ensure the party’s leadership was inclusive.

The appointments made by Anwar were made in the presence of the MPP and it took into account all views of the MPP. Undeniably, Azmin and many from his camp had won positions in the recent elections. However, Rafizi not only lost by a narrow margin but won in many divisions. A good leader would make sure to join these forces together.

Among those that were newly appointed, some were openly with Azmin, some with Rafizi and some were not part of either camp. From Azmin’s camp, this includes newly appointed Vice President and Saratok MP Ali Biju as well as Strategic Director Dr Mansor Othman.

Dr Edmund Santhara Kumar, who won as an MPP under Azmin’s camp, was appointed as Deputy Secretary General.

Two other personalities from Azmin’s camp – Shamsul Iskandar, who was the losing Vice President candidate with the highest vote was appointed as Information Chief while Lee Khai Loon, the losing MPP candidate with the highest vote was appointed to the MPP.

To represent the Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) community, Raymond Ahuar was given a position as the Muslim Bumiputera community are represented with Rahimah Majid in the MPP while Dr Christina Liew, a Chinese, is the Chairperson for KEADILAN Sabah.

At the same time, Faizal Sanusi, formerly Leader of PRM Youth prior to the merger with Parti Keadilan, and subsequently KEADILAN Youth Deputy Leader who is not associated with any camp, was also appointed.

The party’s Political Bureau had also cautioned the Women’s wing for announcing the appointment of State Women’s Chiefs prior to the appointment of State Chairpersons. The Standing Order clearly states that the appointment can only be done by the Leader of the Women’s wing after consulting the State Chairpersons and Division Women’s Chiefs.

Ultimately, the rakyat wants KEADILAN and Pakatan Harapan to focus on pursuing reforms and implementing the manifesto now. The time has certainly come for us to make that agenda – particularly on propelling economic growth and creating a more equal economy – our utmost priority.

KEADILAN should certainly be proud of its diverse and capable leadership from all over the nation, both men and women, old and young—as what was reflected in yesterday’s appointment. The party is open to diverse views within the party as part and parcel of democracy but we believe in harnessing that diversity for the good of the country.

Let’s all focus on rallying behind the new leadership lineup and serving the rakyat.

NIK NAZMI NIK AHMAD won as a member of the MPP and was appointed as the Organising Secretary for KEADILAN. He is also the MP for Setiawangsa. His bestselling book on the elections, ‘9 May 2018: Notes from the Frontline’ is available in major bookshops as well as online at