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KeADILan Party Elections: Respect The Process, Overcome Negligence / Fraud

KEADILAN has been undertaking its 2018 party elections— the largest of such exercises in Malaysia.

There has been intense interest and scrutiny, not only from our members, but also the media, civil society and public.

The elections are not and will not be over until every eligible member has had a chance to vote without hindrance and every vote is counted.

As such, all candidates should respect the process and await the decision of the JPP on the various issues.

This is something that our President-Elect Anwar Ibrahim has stressed.

Indeed, given the contentions over the Tawau, Julau and undi ragu issues, it is premature for any quarter to make any assumptions or announcements regarding the results.

I repeat, everyone must wait for the JPP’s decision.

Separately, the problems aside, I still believe that the e-voting system is the best for our party and the current times.

Indeed, KEADILAN should be lauded for its courage in going forward with this rather than taking the easy way out.

What is needed is for holistic reforms to ensure that the issues that cropped up do not occur again.

Moreover, serious action must be taken against anyone proven to have committed negligence or fraud in the conduct of the elections.

KEADILAN is constantly under the eyes of the Malaysian public.

We can and should celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Reformasi movement as well as the return of Anwar as our party President.

But the party’s leaders and grassroots must also move quickly to ensure that the current and all future elections are carried out fairly, efficiently as well as transparently.

Also, we must come together to fulfil the mandate that the Pakatan Harapan government was elected on and deliver the promises we made to the Malaysian people in its manifesto.