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A Slice Of Malaysia At Setiawangsa PKR Poll

This article was published on 07 October 2018 by Jerry Choong at

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 — It was a microcosm of the 14th general election come to life as PKR members in Setia Wangsa voted electronically for their next party leaders.

At the grounds of the Taman Air Panas Residents’ Association, the mood was festive as locals of all ages and from all walks of life rubbed shoulders, laughing and trading jokes.

Some wore the party blue, red and white, while others chose to come and vote in their everyday wear. Not even the threat of rain and dark clouds dampened their spirits.

A small queue could be seen in front of the association building’s porch, as party members patiently took their turn to cast their ballots on a tablet for their chosen candidates. By the day’s end, over 750 members had turned up to vote in Setia Wangsa, one of 13 divisions in the Federal Territory.

By 4.54pm, cheers erupted from some of the gathered voters as they excitedly counted down the minutes to 5pm when the polling stations closed, gleefully calling out, ‘Tutup, Tutup!’ (Close, Close!)

As the votes were being electronically tabulated, the voters then started helping with the clean-up work by sweeping the floor, stacking the chairs and clearing away tables.

Others took the opportunity to pose for group photos, and roared out enthusiastically as Setia Wangsa MP and division chief candidate Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad made an appearance.

At 6.17pm a momentary hush fell upon the crowd as the candidates were called to the front of the association building, and then they surged towards the ribboned barrier to wait expectantly for the results.

For 15 minutes the crowd waited, murmuring among themselves. By 6.32pm cheers and shouts could be heard as the winning candidates were called out.

Nik Nazmi won the Setia Wangsa division leader post with 427 votes, while Haslina Abdul Samad won the deputy division leader post with 363 votes, and Lim Yen Tiong won the vice-division leadership with 350 votes.