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Helicopter Landing Pad In Public Park?

Nik Nazmi meets residents associations in bid to resolve outrageous misuse of KL land

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 7): Setiawangsa MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad met with representatives of Taman Tiara Titiwangsa, Taman Titiwangsa and Desa Putra to hear them out on issues concerning their respective areas.

In a two and half hour long meeting, issues such as the helicopter landing pad now operating in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, which is a gazetted a recreational park, were raised along with residents expressing their wish that the park remain a public space in the KL draft plan which is expected to be gazetted later this year.

The helicopter landing pad is being used by a company offering “sky tours” from the site, much to the dismay of residents who have raised safety concerns on it and other heavy commercial activities in the park.

Nik Nazmi assured those present that the Federal Territories ministry had made the decision to close the helicopter tour by next year.

Also discussed was Rule 5, a provision of law that requires the mayor to refer to the registered owners of the adjacent land, through advertisements in newspapers and exhibition to invite objections to the application for development that involving the conversion of land use, zoning or increase in residential density.

Among the key issues raised were::

1. MRT Station (Jalan Kuantan) and Proposal to convert residential lots next to the station into mixed development.

2.Upgrading of Taman Tasik Titiwangsa under the “River of Life” project.

3. Residential lots being used for commercial purposes.

4. Problem of motorcyclists in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and Jalan Kuantan who are disturbing the peace of the area even at 4am.

5. Traffic lights at the junction of Jalan Pahang and Jalan Titiwangsa which have been removed as part of the construction of the DUKE Highway.

6. Overdevelopment at Taman Tiara Titiwangsa through the building of high rise condominiums on land meant for landed properties.

7. Other commercial development using residential access roads.

8. Easy conversion of residential leasehold titles and re-zoning of land use across the city.

9. The lack of proper infrastructure facilities namely water supply and sewerage discharge in Taman Tiara Titiwangsa.

Nik Nazmi consulted with those present despite his busy schedule, demonstrating a keen interest into the problems plaguing his constituents, setting the bar high for other KL MPs, some of whom have yet to hold similar consultations with their constituents four months after Pakatan came to power on May 9.

The representatives spoke candidly and openly about their problems, describing indepth the difficulties they faced and expressed frustration at DBKL, which they said had taken a less than encouraging interest in their complaints.

“The fundamental issue raised by the representatives of the three resident associations was the need to gazette the Kuala Lumpur draft plan as soon as possible.

“That is the short term solution. In the long term we need to update the planning laws to suit modern requirements and to be fairer to residents in the city.”

Nik Nazmi described the meeting as “positive” and pledged to arrange meetings with the Federal Territories minister Khalid Samad, DBKL and the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) in the near future to allow the residents a fair and direct means of explaining their grievances.