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Offering Myself For KEADILAN Party Elections

I am today announcing my candidacy for a seat in the Central Leadership Council (MPP) of KEADILAN.

I also repeat my support for Anwar Ibrahim to be elected as the next President of KEADILAN.

Furthermore, I would also like to endorse Rafizi Ramli as the next Deputy President of KEADILAN.

I have decided on this course of action after a long deliberation, including consulting with my family, friends and my constituents in Setiawangsa.

The eyes of all Malaysians will be on KEADILAN during its next party elections. We must ensure that the proceedings are conducted in a fair, transparent and civil manner.

KEADILAN is the largest party in Pakatan Harapan and a crucial part of the coalition that governs Malaysia.

We have come a long way after the Reformasi period, but our struggle to ensure a more just country for all our people is not yet over.

Indeed, the expectations of the rakyat are greater than ever.

During the last General Elections campaign and since then, I have been meeting with Malaysians from all walks of life.

They are excited for the New Malaysia, but they also expect Pakatan Harapan to deliver. We must reform our country and take it forward.

We cannot and must not let up on our pursuit of good governance, equitable economic development and a more harmonious society.

We cannot and must not let up on our fight against corruption, abuse of power and sectarian politics.

I believe that Anwar Ibrahim and Rafizi Ramli are the best people who can lead us in this journey.

I also believe, that as a member of the MPP, that I can support, assist as well as stand up for and to them where or when necessary.

I feel that I have the experience to serve effectively in the MPP.

I began assisting the party on an informal basis since 2001, even before I went to university. I became a member in 2005 and then started working in Anwar’s office the following year.

Since then, I have served as a Selangor State Assemblyman, Political Secretary to the Menteri Besar of Selangor, KEADILAN Director of Communications, Deputy Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly, KEADILAN Youth Leader, Selangor State Executive Councillor
and now, as Member of Parliament for Setiawangsa.

I am deeply grateful—to the members and leaders of KEADILAN—for having been given these opportunities to serve and hope to continue serving.

I want to make KEADILAN a party for all Malaysians, whatever their background.

I want to ensure that it will continue to strengthen the Reformasi agenda by combining the energy, ideas and principles of both old and new members who support the founding ideals of the party.

I know that the road ahead is not easy but I am committed to KEADILAN and to Malaysia.

That is why I offer myself for this party elections.