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Don’t distract from the issue of Anwar’s freedom

Referring to the recent issue involving Nurul Izzah Anwar over her photo with Jacel Kiram, which has caused uneasiness among some people. KEADILAN Youth would like to reiterate the clarification by the Vice President of KEADILAN that meet was not intentionally arranged by her, but rather it was arranged by our counterpart in Manila.

She had met several civil society leaders during her time in the Philippines, many of whom had expressed their support for Anwar Ibrahim, whom many international parties believe has been detained unlawfully — including the recent declaration by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

It is unfortunate that this one photo has been blown out of proportion when the real issue is with regard to Anwar’s freedom. Barisan Nasional should not twist the issue in order to distract the Malaysian people from the aforementioned declaration by the UN.

One should remember that KEADILAN and our friends from the parliamentary opposition bloc, were among the most vocal during the Lahad Datu invasion, which we still believe was not dealt with efficiently by the Malaysian government.

KEADILAN, including Izzah —for its part—is clear with regard to our on Sabah and we are committed to defending the sovereignty of the nation including all of its states. We are also determined to see the realization of the 2012 Kuching Declaration, which pledged “…to honour the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement of 1963 which our Founding Fathers put their hands to”, including restoring Sarawak and Sabah as equal partners in the Federation, fair representation, resolving the citizenship issue, restoring native customary rights over land, endorsing the appointment of Sarawak and Sabah citizens to head Government Departments in their own respective States, oil justice and equitable development.