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Response to AG’s comments


I refer to the interview with the Attorney General Mohamed Apandi Ali published in the Malaysian Insider today, ‘It’s not personal, AG says of multiple charges against Nik Nazmi’.

The fact that the AG have charged me three times proves that this is an abuse of the system as the case has reached its finality at the Court of Appeal.

How does the AG justify charging me a third time, when the Constitution clearly rules out double, let alone triple jeopardy.

In the same series of interviews in the Malaysian Insider, the AG has claimed that they will only charge a person when they are 99 percent sure of the conviction so as not to waste the enforcer and court’s
time. This clearly goes against that pronouncement. This is a blatant waste of resources that should be used against violent crime and corruption.

Will this be the new set of practice of the AG recharging all Court of Appeal precedent cases? If not, why choose Peaceful Assembly Act case?

Charging someone to get a final ruling on the law is not a justifiable reason to proffer charges.