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KEADILAN Youth is disturbed by revelation on YAPEIM

KEADILAN Youth finds the recent revelations by National Oversight & Whistleblowers (NOW) Director Akmal Nasir regarding the mismanagement of YaPEIM’s funds truly disturbing.

Akmal is also the Strategic Director for KEADILAN Youth.

First came the report that a handful of its top management is receiving RM154,700 a month in salary, a rather exorbitant amount for a charity organisation.

Now the exposé that Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, Jamil Khir Baharom, misused RM 410,978.56 of the government-linked foundation’s money to fund his personal trip to the United States for leisurely activities including golfing and other forms of entertainment.

All in all, millions of the foundation’s money, entrusted by its donors, has been used to enrich only a few individuals  Need we remind that this is a charity organisation that is set up to help the needy
and orphans. It is rather sickening to think that anyone would have the heart to use money meant for those less fortunate, for their own benefit.

We demand that the Minister come clean and explain himself on this well evidenced accusations, as well as the people whom he elected into the foundation, or else he should just resign from his position as Minister because he has obviously breached the trust placed on him.

We also ask that the authorities, especially the MACC, to fully investigate this matter and ensure that no stone is left unturned and the perpetrators of this scheme be brought to justice.

The authorities must also ensure that the whistleblower i.e. Akmal is protected at all costs.