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Keadilan Youth welcomes formation of Pakatan Harapan

KEADILAN Youth welcomes the announcement by the leadership of KEADILAN, DAP and AMANAH on the formation of a new opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan.

We believe that this is the best framework for the various parties moving forward.

The most crucial thing we need now is unity.

“Unity” in this sense goes far beyond simply agreeing to hold the various state governments we are administering together, or to avoid contesting the same seats in elections, although those things are important.

Rather, it also means developing, promoting as well as pursuing an ideologically coherent agenda that all Malaysians can get behind.

We must agree on how we are going to bring these things about.

The lack of unity has hurt our parties.

It has left us weak even in the face of all the scandals and divisions in the ruling coalition.

We ought to be doing better.

The people of Malaysia deserve better from us.

The 5.6 million Malaysians who voted for us – the majority in the last General Elections – are expecting us to show leadership.

This will not be possible if we are more interested in fighting ourselves rather than the UMNO-BN administration.

All Malaysians are hurting due to the failures and mismanagement of this current government.

They will not back us if we cannot prove that we can deliver something beyond more of the same.

We cannot expect to hold on to the states we govern, much less take over Putrajaya, if we cannot deliver to the voters a vision to take our country forward.

The people of Malaysia are looking to us to lead them.

We must move on and move forward.