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Why the double standards Shafee?

I had recently commented not too long ago on the unprofessional conduct of Shafee Abdullah in participating in the roadshows organised by UMNO Youth with regards to the Fitnah II case.

The fact that he was the prosecutor in the case and had went on great lengths to further exonerate and vilify the character of Anwar Ibrahim after the closure of the case is unprecedented in the history of our justice system. During the course of the road shows, he had demeaned the defence team, condemned Anwar and even arrogantly stated that Anwar would have “fainted in court” had Anwar taken the stand for questioning –  all of which that Anwar can neither defend nor respond to. He also went to great lengths to share supposed lurid details of the case – some of which were not mentioned in court transcripts.

His disgusting actions had not only attracted criticism from the political sphere but also from the legal fraternity. Many of the Malaysian Bar members had denounced his actions – so much so that two prominent and senior members of the Bar namely, Constitutional Lawyer Tommy Thomas and former Court of Appeal Judge Tan Sri V.C George had called for a motion in the recent Malaysian Bar Annual General Meeting against Shafee Abdullah to “condemn, in the strongest terms” his repulsive behaviours.

Alas, it seems rather strange and smacks of double standards for Shafee to be freely condemning others – yet when it is his turn to be judged for his conducts – he had sought at the very last minute an interim injunction from the Court barring Members of the Bar from discussing the matter. It is unfortunate that Shafee – having previously boasted his prowess as a prosecutor in the Fitnah II case and hurling further vilification to a convicted man – yet is unable to handle the pressures of being questioned for his conducts. Perhaps it is Shafee himself who would have “fainted” had he been questioned.