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Chinese New Year Message

On behalf of KEADILAN Youth, I would like to wish all Chinese Malaysians a Happy Lunar New Year.

The Chinese Malaysian community is an integral part of our country.

We would not be Malaysia without them, or any of the many ethnic groups who live here.

Indeed, the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Malaysia is a testament to our great diversity, which unites us.

This is a strength that we must always celebrate and protect.

Chinese New Year is also a reminder of how important the bonds of family and friendship are to all, especially in difficult times. The country is facing the challenges from all angles: racial bigotry, economic hardship and violations of the judiciary.

I hope all Malaysians will have a joyful, restful holiday and that those who are travelling reach their destinations safely.

May the Year of the Goat bring happiness, health and prosperity to all our homes and our land.