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In solidarity with “UM8” and “Occupy UM”

Parti Keadilan Rakyat Youth supports the “Occupy UM” movement and stands in solidarity with the “UM8” group of student leaders who were punished for inviting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to University Malaya.

We also support the efforts by Pakatan Rakyat MPs to join the students and to present a note of protest to the management of the University next Tuesday against the punishments meted out the UM8.

The Occupy UM movement is entirely justified and well within their rights as citizens to engage in peaceful protest against the unfair and draconian actions taken against the UM8.

UM—in suspending the student leaders—has shown that it is completely uninterested in creating engaged and thinking citizens but rather in control and political repression.

Occupy UM and the UM8 are standing up for the dignity and honour of all young Malaysians, who are tired of being not allowed a voice in the public life of our nation.

We hope that all Malaysians—young and old—will back them in their struggle to uphold academic freedom and indeed, the freedom of expression in our country as a whole which has come under threat far too many times.

We urge the UM administration to withdraw the punishments on UM8 while upholding academic freedom and the freedom of expression.