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In solidarity against UMNO-BN persecution

Tomorrow, Anwar Ibrahim will be questioned by police under the Sedition Act. He is being investigated for a speech he made in Gombak in 2011 with current Selangor MB, Azmin Ali.

Let’s not forget that in 32 days, Anwar will be appearing at the Federal Court for the appeal of his sodomy II case on 28 – 29 October 2014.

Time and time again, Anwar Ibrahim is being persecuted and forced to fight for his freedom against aconviction lacking legal basis.

However, the sedition charge against Anwar Ibrahim is one out of the many cases recently brought to the court of law. Activists, lawyers, students, preachers and academicians are also among the unlucky fold. In the spate of sedition and Peaceful Assembly Act charges, it is clear that the authorities are using all means to stifle members of the opposition and independent-minded members of civil society from voicing their opinions. Dissent—despite what some might argue—is not disloyalty. The country’s prosperity and security cannot be served by suppressing alternative voices.

If this pattern of aimlessly charging those who speak out continues, Anwar Ibrahim’s freedom is certainly in great jeopardy. NajibRazak cannot continue to remain silent while allowing others to misuse the law.

Hence, the time is now, at the end of the Selangor MB crisis and the start of a new administration of Selangor, in this 1 month prior to yet another judgment day for Anwar Ibrahim, for KEADILAN Youth to send a strong signal to NajibRazak’s administration, that we are not afraid of this draconian Act. We will go down throughout the country in a campaign for solidarity against the persecution of UMNO-BN.

KEADILAN Youth will work with the civil societies to rally support from the people to speak up, be fearless and stand together against the politically-motivated abuse of the Sedition Act. This 1 month is crucial for the people’s struggle and the reform movement in Malaysia.