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Khairy, what progressive thought?

UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin claimed that his recent victory in the party election shows that progressive thought have triumphed over the conservative forces in the party.

When Zahid Hamidi played the race-card in talking about crime and gangsterism, and endorsed a shoot-to-kill policy for the police, why did Khairy not condemn Zahid?

When UMNO Vice-President candidate and Khairy’s successor as Chairman of PUNB Ali Rustam made racist remarks against the Chinese, where was Khairy?

Khairy’s attempts to portray his so-called liberal and moderate side only emerged after the 2008 elections. But many Malaysians remember his days prior to that, when he was UMNO Youth Vice Chief and a key part of his father-in-law Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration.

He was embroiled in the ECM Libra scandal, and not only defended the racist tones of UMNO then, but took part in the keris-waving theatrics of UMNO Youth.

Clearly, Khairy’s victory does not represent the victory of progressive thought in UMNO.