Breakdown of law and order

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad


A lawyer was captured on video fixing the appointment of judges. A little girl was sexually molested and murdered, and the police is planning to take action against the parents for negligence. A plain-clothes policeman went into the middle of a crowd of opposition supporters armed with a gun, and ended up shooting live bullets and nearly killing two members of the crowd.

The government response to the video has been a terrible disaster. The PM and deputy PM question the credibility of the video. The minister says that the other man on the line is not the Chief Justice. The Attorney General says that the lawyer was in monologue! Is the information minister not doing his job, to coordinate the spin?

Welcome to Malaysia, after 50 years of independence. Things are falling apart. Law and order have broken down. Our policemen are utilised to monitor the opposition, while real crime takes place in our midst. The crime index for the first five months of 2007 is over 8% higher than the corresponding period in 2006. The number of rape taking place each day has doubled in the first six months of 2007 compared to 2003. Eight Malaysians are being raped daily. When that happens, blame the parents.

But why is it when kids die in National Service or our brave soldiers die due to poorly-maintained helicopters, the defence minister is not tasked for negligence? Speak to the people around you, and every one will have a friend or family member who has recently experienced crime: snatch-thefts, assault, robbery and more frightening still, rape and murder.

Mengangkat Martabat Generasi Muda

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad


Pada malam kedua saya berada di Ijok – sehari selepas hari penamaan calon – kami lalu di hadapan rumah jutawan tempatan yang dijadikan bilik gerakan Pemuda BN. Kain rentang gergasi berkibar dengan kata-kata ‘Sedia Gempur’. Pada hari-hari terakhir kempen pilihanraya, sebuah papan tanda pula muncul di tepi jalan antara Pekan Ijok dengan Batang Berjuntai: ‘Pemuda BN Gempur, PKR Terkubur’.

Politik sememangnya melibatkan emosi dan perasaan, tetapi antara ciri-ciri kepimpinan ialah keupayaan mengawal emosi dan perasaan tersebut. Sememangnya pilihanraya merupakan gelanggang pertarungan bagi ahli politik, namun pertarungan tersebut juga bukan sahaja tertakluk kepada undang-undang negara, malah lebih penting lagi adab dan rukun berbeza pendapat.

Apatah lagi apabila melihat slogan-slogan sedemikian digunakan oleh anak-anak muda Melayu, yang sepatutnya kaya dengan sifat santun dan tatasusila budaya kita. Kalau Salahuddin al-Ayubi boleh menghantar doktor terbaiknya merawat ketua tentera salib, Richard the Lion Heart sewaktu perang salib untuk memerdekakan Baitul Muqaddis, takkanlah Pemuda BN tidak mempunyai akhlak dan sopan-santun menghadapi pilihanraya di negara sendiri.

Confounding Cynicism

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad


Most of my friends have long known where my sympathies lie. When they find out I’ve actually made the decision to actually work full-time in opposition politics, I attract a lot of curious questions. Some express support, some wonderment. The rest probably become a bit worried.

Many more continue to express the sentiment that was mentioned by John Lee. Now, everyone knows Barisan Nasional is far from perfect, but what can Malaysia’s disparate opposition offer beyond criticism? What have I personally sought to achieve?

Admittedly, the opposition is not without its faults, and some things that were cited by John Lee have a ring of truth to them, such as the inability to form a cohesive coalition, infighting, and the lack of alternative policies. In other words, opposition members have the mentality of the permanent opposition, rather than of the government-in-waiting.

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